So much more than just a DJ!

February 25, 2024by Del Sol

So much more than just a DJ! Del is a fantastic master of ceremonies! We were lucky enough to find him last minute after our previous DJ

unfortunately had to leave the island. DJ Del was extremely organized thankfully and was able to catch up in the planning phase quickly. He used to be a US Marine and is great at getting people’s attention which was so much more critical than we realized at our reception. He also came to our rehearsal which we weren’t expecting and ran the whole thing bc he was so in sync with our plans and wedding planner. On the wedding day, he was so fun and kept us on the timeline and helped with drinks, food and other reminders for us. He was our security when we got swarmed with guests for photos before we could even sit down to eat and catch our breath.

He played all of our requests and also had his own amazing mix that had people dancing for over 4 hours straight! He was super funny and helped with suggestions for people giving speeches and dances and all the announcements (Photo Booth, guest book, safety for sparklers, last call). He was very clear and got people’s attention and so many people told me they would have missed signing our book or the Photo Booth closing if it wasn’t for Del. Those are memories we definitely wanted to record and were important to us!

Everybody loved him and were chanting “Del Del Del Del” and had fun interactions with all of our guests! Del has done soo many weddings and he listened to us but gave us his advice and was able to make so many minor adjustments on the fly that we were able to have an incredible reception that kept our guest engaged until the end. Our wedding lasted over 7 hours!

Many mahalos to Del as I have no idea what would have happened last minute if we weren’t fortunate enough to find him. He’s a great, trustworthy, jack of all trades! Would hire him again 10/10 times with zero hesitation! Mahalo Del!!