Our process is simple and smooth. We believe in making your wedding entertainment experience fun and stress-free

  • Initial Zoom Meeting
  • Music Planning Meeting
  • Music & Detail Check-in
  • Finalization Meeting
  • In-Person Meeting
  • Ceremony Rehearsal
  • The Wedding Day! 
  • Post Wedding Check-In
Let’s Connect!

Ready to embark on your wedding entertainment journey? Start by filling out our short questionnaire on our contact page. We’ll promptly check our availability for your desired date. Once we confirm availability, let’s schedule a Zoom meeting to dive into your love story and wedding vision. We want to hear all about how you met, your journey together, and your dream wedding day.

Digital Booking Paperwork

During our initial meeting we’ll know whether we are the right fit for each other. If so, we’ll make it official by sending your our digital booking paperwork. This includes a detailed quote, contract, and invoice for your convenience. Review, sign, and secure your date with a 50% deposit. You will also gain access to our exclusive ceremony and reception music planners, conveniently fillable PDFs accessible on any device.

Crafting Your Special Day

Once we are officially working together we will have another meeting to go over the music planning process and get to know each other more. If you’ve already selected your spotlight songs, we’ll take the time to edit them to perfection. This way you can practice your special dances with confidence, knowing exactly how long each song will play.

Guiding Your Experience

Depending on how far in advance you book our services, we’ll schedule another meeting to touch base, discuss details, and ensure everything is on track with your music selections. I will then share exclusive hacks, based on years of experience, so that you are confident in rocking your celebration.

Finalization Meeting

Thirty days prior to your wedding, we’ll have our finalization meeting to wrap up music selections, address any remaining details and take care of your final payment. With so much else going on leading up to the wedding, we don’t want the entertainment to be something else on your plate.

Your Arrival on Maui

If you are having a destination wedding on Maui I’d love to have some face-time with you before the big day. It can be once you get settled at your hotel or if we’re providing ceremony sound services we will attend your wedding rehearsal. We love to meet the VIPs including parents and wedding party so that we’re not strangers on the wedding day.

The BIG Day!

On the event day, we’ll arrive two to three hours prior to set up and conduct a sound check before any of your guest show up… even if we’re only providing reception DJ & MC services. From there we will coordinate with your wedding planner and other vendors to provide an amazing day that is smooth and stress-free. You’ll see why many of our clients say that we go above & beyond!


We like to check in on our clients (now turned friends) after the wedding and beyond. A couple of weeks after the wedding we’ll reach out to talk about your post-wedding glow and ask you to leave us a review on your preferred platform. From there I enjoy keeping in touch via social media to see your family grow and follow your life adventures. We don’t book clients for the sake of booking clients… we make friends for life!