Maui Wedding DJ is a boutique entertainment company on the island of Maui, Hawaii that specializes in destination weddings and private events. You can count on our team to elevate your entire destination wedding experience, from the welcome gathering to the after wedding festivities.


Our unique brand of energetic, yet sophisticated entertainment is highly sought out for events at wedding venues island-wide and beyond. We have, however, developed special relationships with particular wedding venues where we feel that we can deliver the finest experience for our clients.


Curated Music Experience

From the ceremony to the reception, we will curate a soundscape that reflects your love story and resonates with your guests. Whether you envision a romantic ambiance, an energetic dance floor or a perfect mix of both.

Dynamic Master of Ceremonies

Not only will our team provide exceptional music, but our professionally trained Master of Ceremonies will make your guests feel like they are active participants in your celebration of love with confidence and grace on the microphone

Professional & Experienced

Planning a destination wedding can be daunting, but you can rest assured that the entertainment is in capable hands. We will coordinate with your wedding planner to ensure a smooth flow of events and seamless transitions.

Signature Sound & Lighting

To elevate the overall wedding experience, we provide state-of-the-art sound equipment and lighting effects. Our setup will enhance the beauty of your venue and keep your guests engaged and entertained throughout the celebration.



What makes Maui Wedding DJ stand out?


The thing that really sets us apart is that we can adapt to all styles and preferences of entertainment while other DJs/DJ Companies are monotone in their approach. Whether you’re looking for polished and graceful entertainment for your black tie affair or someone who can hype up your ratchet crowd on the dance floor, we got you. TBH… most weddings need both. One moment you need an MC who can bring the crowd to tears with an eloquent and heart-felt presentation of your love story, then just an hour later have you yelling “SKEET SKEET” in front of grandma.

How would describe your overall DJ style?
The Perfect Mix

If a club/festival DJ and a wedding DJ had a baby… that would be Maui Wedding DJ. Every member of our team is an active and seasoned DJ in the club and EDM festival scene as well as full time professional wedding entertainers. That’s what makes us cool. You can count on our mixes being seamless thanks to our access to tons of exclusive edits, remixes, re-drums and transition tracks. But more importantly, we stay relevant by keeping our feet firmly planted in both the commercial and underground scenes.

Do you also provide a Master of Ceremonies?
World-class Master of Ceremonies

Not only are we a versatile DJ team, but we have our secret weapon… Del (DJ Del Sol), our world-class Master of Ceremonies. He’s taken many professional MC training courses over the years and that really shows when he’s on the mic. His MC style is professional and concise while being friendly and approachable. He’ll make all the necessary announcements and introductions throughout the event to keep your guests informed and engaged, without being constantly on the mic.

How do you handle song requests from guests?
Like Baking a Cake

Creating an exciting party atmosphere is a team effort. We start with your vision, mix in a few requests from your guests then sprinkle our creative style on top to put it all together.  We’re there to make sure that the vibe you want to create stays that way throughout the night.

Keeping Thing On Track

If a guest asks for something that flows, then no problem… we’ll play their song when it fits within the mix. Is your Maid of Honor asking for something that’s way off because wants it be about her? Not a problem, we’ll let them know that it’s not the energy that we’re going for. Or…if  it’s something that could go either way… We’ll tell them that “it’s a hard maybe” then check in with you to see if you’d like it played.

So what do I get for my investment?
Our Time and Experience

We put a lot more time into each wedding than any other company on the island because we genuinely care about the outcome. Think of it as booking a 40 hour service package that happens to have 4-7 hours of music. That’s an entire work week dedicated to making your wedding perfect.

The Real BTS:
  • Communication: (emails, calls, texts, etc.)  4+ hours
  • Creating custom music edits: (ceremony, first dance, parents dances) 3+ hours
  • Sourcing and organizing your music: 2+ hours
  • Preparing clothing, double checking gear and packing vehicle: 2 hours

(From this point the time doubles to include assistant DJ/technician’s time)

  • Travel time to venue: 1-2 hours depending on venue and traffic conditions
  • Set up time: 2-3 hours depending on which services we’re providing
  • Actual performance time 4-7 hours
  • Break down: 1-2 hours
  • Travel Home: 1-2 hours depending on venue and traffic conditions